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Dec 25, 2012 6:00pm EST
and the next election, jackson had gone around the country, building a popular majority in getting laws changed from state to state to state in which providing for universal white male suffrage, which took a vote out of the hands of property owners and give it to barbarians as john quincy adams may say. the bank if there was a deal with clay in 1824, was that ethical bystanders of those days and retrospectively by our standards? >> is certainly what is ethical in those days. he took a lot of flak for it, but the choice in his mind was to turn the country over to a barbarians who couldn't write his name, who had violated the constitution that will turn the word of 1812, con into massacre in the seminal sender and enduring whatever he felt like doing. he did not want to see this man president. >> one point in the book he described a bit of a crouch. teaching to afflict him as a person? >> yes. >> there is some time travel involved. >> all of us are brooches at times. he did not suffer fools, so you would be grouchy. i was grouchy last night when romney said we have fewer ships today than we had i
Dec 31, 2012 7:15am EST
of international refugee law and policy. soboleff yearned to rally members of the non-bolshevik russian diaspora and he wished russians to do something akin to lindens recent flight across the land but in a july, soboleff decided it was up to him to do a proudly pattered canadian equivalent to go around the world alone by bicycle. likely he didn't have to do that actually. he departed shanghai on a battered secondhand bicycle, but then upgraded to a new bicycle in bangkok, then to a battered secondhand motorcycle in singapore. a benefactor gave him a brand-new aerial motorcycle in karachi, guaranteed parts and systems from aerial offices around the world. soboleff and his publisher can also think the worldwide services of the ymca, shell oil and the firestone company, and he depend on global availability of gasoline, oil and food. the array of industrial goods services that were now spent almost everywhere in the world. like a certain cycle in a south asian diaspora, soboleff made his transit with the encouragement of many scattered white russians. above all, it was his passport for which he was
Dec 31, 2012 7:00pm EST
that has hurt the middle class and has moved money upheld against gravity, defining the laws of gravity up to the wealthy from the middle-class. so it's both political and economic. it's not just a guy sitting around in a room saying let's screw the middle-class. it happened historically but if you don't understand how what why we are not going to get to a good fix of our situation right now. >> was one example of how the middle-class has gotten her? >> take the 401(k) program. the 401(k) program came in place of lifetime pensions and shifted hundreds of billions of dollars from the accounting of corporations onto the shoulders of the middle-class. take the housing crisis. $6 trillion of accumulated wealth in the mortgages and equity in american homes was moved during the housing boom, not the bust, the boom, $6 trillion move from the last homeowners to wall street banks. those are too big and enormous changes in wealth that happened during this period now. >> when did you start forming the idea to write this book? her previous book was the power base, correct? >> to be perfectly honest i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3